Configuring your account environment configuring-your-account-environment

AEM 6.4 has reached the end of extended support and this documentation is no longer updated. For further details, see our technical support periods. Find the supported versions here.

AEM provides you with the capability to configure your account and certain aspects of the author environment.

Using the User option in the header and the associated My Preferences dialog, you can modify your user options.

User Settings user-settings

The User settings dialog gives you access to:

  • Impersonate as

    • With the Impersonate as functionality a user can work on behalf of another user.
  • Profile

  • My Preferences

    • Specify various preference settings unique to your user


My Preferences my-preferences

The My Preferences dialog is access via the User option in the header.

Each user can set certain properties for himself or herself.


  • Language

    This defines the language to use for the UI of the authoring environment. Select the required language from the available list.

    This configuration is also used for the classic UI.

  • Window Management

    This defines the behavior or opening windows. Select either:

    • Multiple Windows (Default)

      • Pages will be opened in a new window.
    • Single Window

      • Pages will be opened in the current window.
  • Show desktop actions for Assets

    This option requires AEM desktop app to use.

  • Annotation Color

    This defines the default color used when making annotations.

    • Click the color block to open the swatch selector to select a color.
    • Alternatively, enter the hex code for the desire color in the field.
  • Relative Date Presentation

    To improve readability, AEM will render dates within the last seven days as relative dates (e.g. Three days ago) and older dates as exact dates (e.g. 20 March 2017).

    This option defines how dates in the system are displayed. The following options are available:

    • Always show exact date: The exact date is always displayed (never a relative date).
    • 1 Day: The relative date is shown for dates within one day, otherwise an exact date is shown.
    • 7 Days (default): The relative date is shown for dates within seven days, otherwise an exact date is shown.
    • 1 Month: The relative date is shown for dates within one month, otherwise an exact date is shown.
    • 1 Year: The relative date is shown for dates within one year, otherwise an exact date is shown.
    • Always show relative date: Exact dates are never shown and only relative dates are shown.
  • Enable Shortcuts

    AEM supports a number of keyboard shortcuts that make authoring more efficient.

    This option enables keyboard shortcuts. By default they are enabled, but can be disabled for example if a user has certain accessibility requirements.

  • Use Classic Authoring Experience

    This option enables classic UI-based page authoring. By default the standard UI is used.

  • Enable Assets Home Page

    This option will only be available if your system administrator has enabled Assets Home Page experience for the entire organization.