Manual Translation Job stuck with status “In progress”

If the manual translation job is still stuck with the status In progress, ensure that the sourcePath in your imported XML files precisely matches the paths specified in your translation job.

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Adobe Experience Manager


Manual Translation Job stuck with status In progress.

When importing translated content into an AEM translation job, you may encounter an issue where the translation status remains In progress.  To address this, follow the export/import processdocumented in the AEM as a cloud service user guide.

To troubleshoot this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Check the translation job status for each path added to the job by clicking the three dots symbol of the translation job card. Take note of the paths and their respective statuses.
  2. Compare the imported XML files with the XML files from the original export.
  3. Ensure that the sourcePath= in the translationObjectFile element matches the paths seen in step 1.

Resolution resolution

The job will stay In progress  if the sourcePath= in the imported XML files does NOT match the paths from the translation job.

It must be made sure that the same source paths in the translation job match those in the imported XML files.