Login Error as user not Mapped SSO (Single Sign On)

To solve the login error check the Federation ID listed in the Workfront account and use the audit logs as a troubleshooting tool.

Description description




While trying to log in through Workfront using Single Sign-On (SSO), the page is redirected to the Workfront login page. On the web address bar of the login page, an error message stating “user not mapped” is seen.

Resolution resolution

  1. Navigate to the specific user receiving this error in Workfront:

  2. Verify that the user has a Federation ID listed:

    • Check for the Federation ID.
  3. If the Federation ID is blank, follow these steps:.

    • Enter the user’s Federation ID (case-sensitive) provided by your Identity Provider.
    • Click Save.
    • Note: The Federation ID is case-sensitive and must match exactly how it is sent to Workfront from your Identity Provider. If you’re unsure about the Federation ID or its case-sensitivity, consult your network or IT administrator.
    • Additionally, check for any extra spaces before or after the Federation ID, as they can be the reason for this error.

Optional steps: Audit logs

Use the Audit logs in Workfront as a troubleshooting tool to examine what your Identity Provider is passing over as the Federation ID (Name ID) during the failed login attempt.

  1. Click on  Setup

  2. Go to System > Audit logs

  3. Apply filters to display failed login attempts

    • Filter down to failed log in attempts 
    • Click Apply.
  4. The Federation ID (Name ID) passed from the Identity Provider to Workfront is displayed in the detail’s column for the recent failed login attempt.

    • Ensure that this Federation ID shown in the detail’s column matches exactly (case-sensitive) with what is entered on Workfront as the Federation ID.