SSI/ESI Support in AEM as a Cloud Service

Explore the compatibility of SSI and ESI on AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS). Learn how SSI can be implemented using the default Apache module mod_include in AEM CS and local SDK.

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Please confirm whether SSI or ESI is supported on AEMaaCS.

As  mod_include is not listed on [ 1] , the tutorial in [ 2] may not be applicable for AEMaaCS.

  1. Dispatcher in the Cloud in AEM as a Cloud Service User Guide.
  2. Set up Sling Dynamic Include AEM Foundation Tutorials.

Resolution resolution

Currently, ESI is not supported with the OOTB CDN (Fastly) on AEM as a Cloud Service. This feature would require a way to disable gzip compression on the parent resources for ESI to work. Some of the challenges can be found in [ 1] for your information.

Regarding SSI, the Apache module 'mod_include' [ 2] is loaded by default and can be used for SSI using SDI (Sling Dynamic Includes), which works on both local SDK and AEM CS. Please see the community article at [ 3] for more information.