API updates to profiles and services do not show

Learn why the APIs are not being updated when changes are made to long-text attributes in recent versions of Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS).

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Campaign Standard


When publishing custom resource changes to long-text attributes in the recent versions of ACS, the APIs are not being updated. The attribute is accessible through manual or workflow lookup in the UI, but not through the API. The reason for this was found to be a bug with the custom resource publication process that is not recognizing that the APIs need to be updated when changes are made to only long-text attributes

Resolution resolution

Currently CAMP-47983 has been opened to address this issue in a future release. In the meantime, here are a couple workarounds:

  1. As the API publication process isn’t taking long text attribute changes into account, making a benign change to a non-long text attribute (for example, changing the label of another attribute) and then publishing the custom resource will force a refresh of the APIs.
  2. If applicable, changing the long-text fields to something other than long-text will also resolve this issue. Although, if data already exists then consider this approach with caution.

To confirm that the APIs are being updated, once the preparation is done, if changes are detected for profileAndServicesExt, a tab labelled “Profile & Services Ext API preview” should be seen. If it is not present then no changes were recognized by the application.