Device co-op sunset

As of August 31, 2022, the device co-op will be officially deprecated. This article outlines user impacts & required steps.

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As of August 31, 2022, the device co-op will be officially deprecated. This article outlines user impacts & required steps.

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Deprecation work for the device co-op will begin August 31, 2022. While the option to select the co-op may not be initially removed from the UI, the co-op device graph itself will be removed, therefore any segment populations utilizing the co-op may experience a noticeable decrease in size. We advise all users to update their profile merge rules (PMRs) before August 31, 2022.

To update PMRs, navigate to Audience Data > Profile Merge Rules, and select the rule in question. On the bottom right of the PMR overview page, you’ll be able to update your device options selection:

Select ‘Profile Link Device Graph’ or ‘Device Profile’ to update your PMR. More details on the differences between these two options available here:

If you encounter issues or conflicts attempting to update your PMR, it’s most likely due to the attached segments & the associated data export controls. In this case, we advise creating a net-new PMR (reach out to the support teams to provision a new rule if you are at the limit):

If your old co-op PMR will no longer be utilized, you can delete the rule. Select your newly created PMR from the previous step when given the option:

As an alternative option, the BAAAM tool can also be utilized to update all relevant segments from the old co-op PMR to your newly created rule:

Segments created by a service, such as predictive audiences & experience cloud based audiences (shared from Analytics), cannot be edited directly in the UI or via API. If you encounter an error when attempting to delete your PMR & move the segments, or observe issues with individual segments within the BAAAM tool, please compile a list of problematic segment IDs and open a ticket with the support teams.

After updating your rules as outlined above, if you would like the co-op option removed from your UI, open a ticket with the help of the support team, requesting to have the device co-op removed. Also, please feel free to open a ticket with any general questions or concerns surrounding this article or the general deprecation of the device co-op.

Check out the FAQ for more details: