Experience Cloud/Audience Library/AAM audiences and segments have no volume or size in Adobe Campaign

Description description


Even though everything seems to be configured correctly, experience Cloud/Audience Library/AAM audiences and segments have no volume or size in Adobe Campaign


  • Campaign Classic or Standard
  • AAM and/or Audience Library
  • Successfully configured Campaign Standard or Classic to use Experience Cloud Audiences (People Core service, Audience Library, or AAM)
  • If Campaign Classic: Users can log into Campaign Classic via Adobe’s IMS
  • AAM Segment or Audience Library Audience has been configured to send to Campaign using the Declared ID data source within the Campaign UI.

Resolution resolution

Because one of Campaign’s primary purposes is to send messages (email, SMS, etc…) to known individuals, AAM (Audience Library) needs to have the same ID that Campaign uses for customer identification stored in its (AAM’s) own Declared ID datasource. For this integration, AAM (Audience Library) is simply sending the list of customer IDs for those customers in the chosen segment/audience to Campaign so that Campaign can identify and build a list of the same people. If AAM doesn’t have the IDs to send, no audiences will be sent from AAM (Audience Library) to Campaign.

Take the following steps to store the needed customer ID into AAM’s Declared ID data source:

  1. Ensure that the needed customer ID can be surfaced to the page when the end-user authenticates.
  2. When the end-user authenticates, sync the customer identifier with AAM’s Declared ID data source via the setCustomerID function of the Experience Cloud ID service (or use the Experience Cloud ID Service - Set Customer ID action within Data Collection) using the integration code/alias: AdobeCampaignID. For example:
             "id":"YOUR CUSTOMER ID",

or in Data Collection:

Where %custID% represents a data element where the needed customer ID is stored

  1. Validate that the ID is sent to AAM by looking for the d_cid_ic parameter of the demdex.net network call sent when the setCustomerID function is called. You should see the AdobeCampaignID integration code, the customer ID, and the value of 1 (which means authenticated) separated by a non-printable character.

  1. Wait a few days for the customer IDs to be collected in AAM and monitor the audience size in Campaign.