How to get the “authorized_keys” in the Data Warehouse request to the SFTP server

This article provides an understanding on how to request to the SFTP server to get the “authorized_keys” file in the Data Warehouse.

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Adobe Analytics supports exporting Data Warehouse requests to an SFTP server, but where to get the “authorized_keys” needed for this?

Send Data Warehouse requests to SFTP servers

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The “authorized_keys” file can be downloaded from the Data Feed screen in Adobe Analytics. This “authorized_keys” file can also be used in the Data Warehouse.

How to get the “authorized_keys” file:

  1. Go to the “Admin” menu in Adobe Analytics and click on “Data Feeds”.
  2. Click the “Add” button in the upper left corner of the Data Feed list.
  3. When the “New Data Feed” screen appears, change the “To>Type” from “FTP” to “SFTP.”
  4. At the bottom of the “Destination” frame, the “RSA Public Key” and “DSA Public Key” items will appear.
  5. Click “Download RSA Key” or “Download DSA Key” to download the key according to your environment.

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