Opt-in Service using Experience Cloud ID Service extension in Adobe Launch

Learn how to Opt-in service using Experience cloud ID service extension in Adobe Launch.

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Managing Opt-in Service with Experience Cloud ID in Adobe Launch.

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Experience Cloud ID Service extension in Adobe Launch allows customers to manage Opt-in permissions. By default, Opt-ins are granted for all Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. Customers can configure the settings in the extension to track opt in/out choices of users.

Here is a simple guide to enable and configure Opt-in service.

Note: This guide assumes Experience Cloud ID Service extension is already implemented in Launch.

Step 1

The first step is to enable optin in the Experience Cloud ID Service extension UI. The extension gives you the initial three options as below:

No: By default, “No” is selected. This will let the allow the tracking as if all permissions have been granted by the user.

Yes: Turning on this option causes the libraries to wait for user consent before triggering server calls.

Determined at runtime using function: Enabling this option will cause the libraries to wait for user consent. You would need to supply a reference to a call back function which will return a Boolean (True or False) to determine the if Optin is enabled or not.

In order to enable opt-in, select Yes.

Step 2

The next step is to build a mechanism to get the consent from the customer. This is done using Java script or any server-side script. A cookie consent dialogue box to the user  needs to be presented along with recording the choice.

Step 3

Once the necessary permission is taken using consent form, you would need to send the choices to Opt-in Service.

The document below describes Opt-in-in Service APIs in detail.

Assuming a website only has Adobe Analytics implementation and is in need of the user consent (as mentioned in Step 2). Based on the user preference, one can run the below script to approve/deny the opt-in.


adobe.optIn.approve([ adobe.OptInCategories.ANALYTICS] , true);



adobe.optIn.deny([ adobe.OptInCategories.ANALYTICS] , true);


You may also fetch the permissions using the code below and accordingly show/hide the cookie consent window.

if (adobe.optIn.isApproved(adobe.OptInCategories.ANALYTICS)){



As soon as the above code fires, the Analytics server call/s will be fired.

You may also check the additional configurations in the extension. However, that is out of scope of this document. You may refer to Optin Extension article for more information.