Managing your content with the template editor of Adobe Experience Manager managing-your-content-with-the-template-editor-of-adobe-experience-manager

With Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 a new template editor has been introduced that provides new, powerful ways to build, structure and configure digital properties. Explore the feature from a super-author perspective to understand how it allows to compose different page templates and control exactly what content authors are allowed to do on the corresponding pages. Finally, dive into the inner mechanics to understand how it works under the hood. In this session: - Learn how the template editor can make sites more flexible - Have an overview of how the templating mechanics operate

Delivered September 14, 2016

Presented by:

  • Patrick Fauchere, Software Engineer, Adobe

Chat expert,

  • Gabriel Walt, Product Manager, Adobe

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AEM versions 6.4 and older are End of Life and no longer sold by Adobe. Adobe recommends upgrading to the latest version - Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. Archived versions of the documentation can be accessed from this page.
As it relates to this session please see Page Templates and Creating Page Templates in the AEM 6.2 documentation.