AEM as a Cloud Service 2024.1.0 release update

The features in this release focus on Experience Manager Assets and Cloud Service innovations and include the following:

Hi, everyone. Welcome to the monthly release video for Adobe Experience Manager. 2020 4.1.0. My name is Ben and I’m from the Global Product Marketing team for Adobe Experience Manager. In the next few minutes, I’m going to quickly talk you through the latest probably innovations released under our three key innovation pillars. These are summary of the innovations we have for you in the release this month. I will first start with content Velocity, which is about Adobe Experience. Managers helps empower more teams and people in organization to create, find, share and manage the content and drive customer experiences at extreme velocity. I’m excited to announce the public availability of Adobe Experience Manager Assets, Native Integration Capability Group, Adobe Journey Optimizer, a solution that help customers manage scheduled cross-channel campaigns and 1 to 1 moments for meetings of customers and the entire journey is optimized with intelligent decisions and insights. This integration enables Adobe experience managing assets as a cloud service customers to consolidate asset management by maintaining a single repository and eliminating the need to manage separate repositories in both asset essentials, which is included in the Adobe Journey Optimizer purchase and ESA’s cloud service. For example, it permits the uses of Adobe Journey Optimizer to access assets directly from assets, cloud services, repository input and any brand approved assets into email templates in Journey Optimizer. So basically it operates similarly to the essentials included. It is an out of the box integration with very minimal implementation effort required and with many customers already leveraging assets Essentials included in Adobe Journey Optimizer as a lightweight them to consolidate assets. The integration now provides a seamless expansion path for them to move them to ESA’s cloud service to support further use cases and other users personas outside of Journey Optimizer. Next, we have high impact experiences. The first we got is the Smart text block list, which provides time. It means and the librarians with further controls of smart text. They can now leverage a global block list to prevent such a specific terms from being added to assets. We’re not attacking, for example, a word related to a competitor on sensitive terms in some circumstances. This helps with further control to improve metadata, governance and automation. The smart tag block list works across all asset types from images, videos, documents and so forth, and this is available for all experience managing assets, cloud service and this essentials customers. And then we have this new Out of the Box video preview rendition. Previously, customers need to set up a processing profile in order to preview videos into them. With this new release, renditions of all supported video file types will be generated when they are being ingested into the them, so they will be pre viewable by default without any configuration needed. This will be available for all experience assets cloud service and this is essential as customers. My name is Peter and I will take us through the Cloud Service Foundation updates this month. This month for Cloud Service Foundation, we releasing custom permissions in cloud manager with custom permissions teams can strategically manage access for different individuals, ensuring efficient and secure project management and deployment. Custom permissions enable delineation across programs, pipelines and more based basically individuals, teams or groups to comply with regional security requirements. Custom Permissions is available today. Check out Experienced League for Documentation editorial on how to get started using custom permissions. For more detailed information on the releases we cover today, please see the release notes and consider engaging with us on the AMP community.
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