AEM as a Cloud Service 2022.6.0 release update

Hear from the AEM Product team, and learn about the features and innovations for the latest release of Adobe Experience Manager Assets, Assets Essentials, Sites, Commerce Integration Framework, Forms and Cloud Manager.


  • Sites

    • Cloud-native & Web-optimized Image Delivery
    • Support Content Models in Sub-configs
    • Personalization Workflow Enhancements
  • Assets

    • Sourcing


  • Assets

    • Native integration with Adobe Workfront
  • Assets Essentials

    • Smart Collections
    • Notifications
    • Reporting
    • Table of Contents Core Component
  • Forms

    • Workflow Enhancements
    • FDM/Schema Support
  • Sites

    • GraphiQL Enhancements
    • Commerce Integration Framework Add-on
  • Cloud Manager

    • Self Service and Support
  • Cloud Acceleration Manager

    • Content Transfer Tool

Additional release information