Operational playbook

The objective of this playbook is to get your businesses operationally ready to run a successful ecommerce site. This helps you and your organization as users derive maximum value from your technology investments. Although we have seen many websites succeed, others have faltered due to a lack of internal investment in the businesses to ensure they are operationally ready to run an ecommerce site successfully.

We created this playbook for all industries and customers (B2C and B2B) to use as part of their day-to-day ecommerce operations and the successful management of their ecommerce platform.

This playbook is designed to help you avoid some of the common mistakes that we have identified in less successful ecommerce website management and delivery teams. The recommendations and best practices in this playbook are intended to be applied to any industry and business in parallel with your technology solution to ensure that your business is positioned to realize value from your investment and use the platform end-to-end.

The playbooks in this series use a common digital governance structure focusing on the key areas of leadership, strategy, people, solution, product, and process to deliver a robust approach to readying your business whether you are deploying a new feature on your platform or planning a robust ecommerce road map on Adobe Commerce.

The target audience for this playbook includes:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Head of Digital, Head of Strategy, Head of Marketing
  • Head of Content, Head of UX, Content Production Lead, Content Strategist, Content Producers, UX Designer
  • Solution Architect, Head of Implementation, Lead Developer
  • Program Manager, Project Manager
  • Ecommerce Manager, Business Analyst

About this playbook

This document follows a structure designed to help you understand the key focus areas to drive maximum value from your investment in Adobe Commerce. This structure is based on the Deloitte and Adobe Commerce Governance Framework, which creates the appropriate business environment for digital operations and transformations to succeed. It includes:

  • Leadership—Executive buy-in and support for the successful management of an ecommerce platform.

  • Strategy—Clarity and alignment around key business goals for evaluating digital performance and ecommerce operations.

  • Solution—Hosting and infrastructure evaluation for varying business and ecommerce requirements.

  • People—Resources, expertise, and the appropriate team structure to run ecommerce operations effectively.

  • Process—Procedures, project management, and workflows for managing an ecommerce site effectively.

  • Product—General ecommerce solutions, common integrations, and automations.

This playbook is industry agnostic and created for all customers (B2C and B2B) to use as part of their day-to-day commerce operations.