Store Location and Mapping Setup

Enable the store location and mapping capabilities for Store Fulfillment by configuring a distance provider to search for retail store locations.


During the configuration process, you provide a Google API key for the Google Maps platform. If you do not have one, generate one from the Google Maps platform.

To configure the distance provider:

  1. From the Stores > General configuration in the Admin, add the Google Maps integration for the Map content type.

    • Go to Stores > Configuration > General > Content Management.

    • Add your Google API Key to Google Maps API Key field.

  2. From the Stores > Inventory configuration in the Admin, select the distance provider for Store Fulfillment.

    • Go to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory.

    • Expand the Distance Provider for Distance Based SSA section.

    • Set the Provider to Google Map.

  3. Configure settings for the Google Distance Provider.

    • Add your Google API key.

    • Set Computation Mode to Driving and Value to Distance