Store Fulfillment Guide Overview

This guide is intended for administrators of Adobe Commerce. It includes detailed information about installation and onboarding of Store Fulfillment for Adobe Commerce by Walmart Commerce Technologies, as well as configuration and management of the services. It assumes a basic understanding of the core Adobe Commerce configuration and functionality.

Store Fulfillment has two areas for Adobe Commerce administrators:

  • The Admin: Use this area to access the configuration UI.
  • The command-line interface: Use this tool to execute installation and backend configuration tasks.

This guide covers:

  • All Store Fulfillment-specific tasks that are done in the Admin.
  • All Store Fulfillment-specific tasks that are done using the Adobe Commerce command line

This guide does not cover the core capabilities of Adobe Commerce.

Additional documentation

Adobe Commerce 2.4 User Guide
Merchant-focused documentation for Adobe Commerce
Adobe Commerce 2.4 Developer Guide
Developer-focused documentation used to build and customize Adobe Commerce


If you need information or have questions that are not covered in this guide, use the following resources:

  • Help center—See the Store Fulfillment-related troubleshooting articles.
  • Support tickets—Submit a ticket to receive additional help.