App setup

Store Assist is a fulfillment-as-a-service (FaaS) platform app powered by Walmart Commerce Technologies. The app provides in-store fulfillment capabilities to handle buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) orders. With Store Assist, store associates can see which items customers ordered, pick the correct items faster, and set up fulfilled orders for in-store or curbside pickup delivery to customers.

The Store Assist app receives all order and customer information—from order details to pick up times-and makes the data available to store associates online, through mobile devices. The app includes Pick, Stage, Handoff, and Orders modules to help Store Associates with fulfillment activities like the following:

  • Assign order delivery dates and times.
  • Receive notifications from customers when they arrive for order pickup.
  • Stage orders for handoff to customers.
  • Track order status for all orders in their assigned store locations.
Learn more about the Store Assist app by reviewing the Store Assist fulfillment workflows topic.

Configure the Store Assist App

The Store Assist app requires two types of configuration:

  • Adobe Commerce Admin system settings to manage user accounts, user roles, resource permissions, and the car make and model selections available to customers during the check-in process.

  • Frontend configuration settings to customize the Store Assist app interface and other settings including:

    • Brand the Store Assist app—Customize the app user interface with your company logo and colors.

    • Update the default instructions—Customize the instructions in the Store Assist Pick, Stage, Handoff, and Order modules to guide Store Associates through each step of the fulfillment workflow for your company.

    • Localization—Select the available language for the app. Choose your date and time format, and select your default measurement units and default currency.

    • Inactivity time—Specify the amount of time that the app must be inactive before it logs out.

    • Cancellation from the store—Specify whether orders can be cancel from the store and which roles have cancellation permissions

    • Order cleanup window—Specify how long past the Estimated Pickup Lead Time that a picked order remains in staging before being restocked—for example, three days. The default value is seven days. If this configuration is turned on, the order is automatically canceled when this time expires. Items are restocked, and the merchant receives a cancellation email.

    • Customize all in app instructions (picking, staging, hand off).

    • Picking notifications—Specify whether to send a push notification to start the picking process after a customer places an order.

    • Check in notifications—Specify whether to send a push notification during the check-in process for order pickups- after check-in, after customer wait time exceeds a specified time period. Or, disable notification.

    • Hand off process—Enable optional processes when Store Associate delivers order to customer, for example require a customer signature or prompt the associate to check customer ID.

    • Enable item rejection upon handoff—Allow customers to return or cancel order items during order handoff.

    Work with the Walmart Commerce Technologies Client Services team to complete frontend configuration for the Store Assist App.

App download and installation

After the Store Assist app has been set up and configured, Store Associates can download, install, and log in to the Store Assist app from their mobile devices.

  • Verify that the mobile device meets the hardware and software requirements for the Store Fulfillment solution.

  • Download the Store Assist app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

  • Store Associates require the following information to log in:

    • Company name associated with the Store Assist account

    • Store Assist account credentials—username and password credentials for their account.

    An Adobe Commerce Administrator can create and manage Store Assist app user accounts for all store locations that have In-Store Pickup enabled in the Admin Stores settings.