Multiple Website and Scope Configuration

You can set the Scope for a few elements to accommodate multiple websites, stores, and store views:

You can assign stock to a website or store scope. Then, update store sources to set available delivery methods (home delivery, store pickup).

After updating the configuration successfully, the store pickup options on the product detail page (PDP) in the Adobe Commerce storefront can be selected only for products available from a stock source that allows store pickup.

Manage In-Store Pickup settings

Enable or disable the In-Store Pickup options for each website or store scope from the Delivery Method Configurations in the Admin.

  1. Navigate to Stores > Configuration.

  2. Select the scope (Website ot Store) to configure.

  3. With scope selected, navigate to Sales > Delivery Methods.

  4. Disable or enable the In-Store Pickup Delivery method.

You can also manage whether curbside or in-store pickup is available globally in this section.

Manage the In-Store Pickup and Delivery Method settings per stock source. Numerous other configurations exist to full flexibility over your implementation.