The onboarding process for Product Recommendations requires access to the command line of the server and consists of the following steps. If you are not familiar with working from the command line, ask a developer or system integrator to help.


  • Adobe Commerce 2.4.4+
  • PHP 8.1, 8.2
  • Composer 2

Supported platforms

  • Adobe Commerce on premise (EE) : 2.4.4+
  • Adobe Commerce on Cloud (ECE) : 2.4.4+


Product Recommendations communicates through the endpoint at https://catalog-service.adobe.io/graphql.

Page Builder support

Product Recommendations can be added to a page as a Page Builder content type. To add Page Builder support to Product Recommendations, refer to Install and Configure.

See Page Builder Integration for instructions on how to add Product Recommendations into Page Builder content.

SaaS price indexing

Product Recommendation customers can use SaaS price indexing, which provides faster price changes updates and synchornization time.

B2B support b2bsupport

B2B storefronts often require complex logic that dictates product visibility and pricing for each shopper or customer group. Product Recommendations now support this functionality by honoring category permissions, shared catalogs, and customer group-specific pricing. For example, if you have hidden certain categories from your retail customer segment, then a shopper in that segment would not be shown recommendations for products in those categories. Also, when you define a shared catalog for specific customer groups and companies, those shoppers see recommendations only for products they can access. All recommended products reflect correct customer group-specific price based on each shopper’s customer group.

Merchants may customize and extend widgets or storefront elements by using the Catalog Service Storefront API but any customization is out of scope for Adobe’s support team.