Introduction to Payment Services

Payment Services for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source is your turnkey self-service solution, including sandbox testing and a simple setup, for providing robust and secure payment processing for your Commerce websites.

Payment Services extension Admin view

Whether you are a small business, mid-market contender, or large enterprise, this payments solution helps you reduce operational overhead, increase revenue, and give you useful tools to improve the entire shopper experience.

Payment Services is:

  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Designed to maximize your profit
  • Safe and secure
  • Designed to meet all your payments needs
  • Self-contained within the Admin


Some of the features mentioned here may not yet be available for the GA (General Availability) release.

Payment Services is your one-stop-shop for online checkout (from settlement and refunds to getting paid). It provides powerful tools to give you the insight and control needed for creating the best experience for your buyers.

  • Onboarding—The process guides you through commercial signup, technical configuration, entitlements, sandbox environment configuration, and live payment enablement.
  • Payment options—Set the payment options to customize the methods available for your store (or multistore) customers.
  • Cash flow management financial reporting—Synchronize payment details with orders to get full transparency to the processed volume, payment balance, payouts, and detailed transaction-level reporting for financial reconciliation and the utmost in transaction visibility.
  • Transparent pricing—Pricing is clear and upfront; what you see is what you get.
  • Efficient checkout experience—Remove any barriers to a fast and simple checkout, and create loyal customers, with card vaulting and Instant Purchase (enabled by default for Adobe Commerce) features.


Payment Services is available for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. The Payment Services extension is now compatible with Adobe Commerce versions 2.4.x.

Currently, Payment Services provides full support (via Advanced onboarding) for all payment options in these countries:

  • United States (US)
  • Canada (CA)
  • Australia (AUS)
  • France (FR)
  • United Kingdom (UK)

Payment Services provides Express Checkout capabilities (subset of payments options) for other available countries during onboarding.

See Lifecycle policy and the Payment Services release notes pages for more release and version-specific information.

Accepted credit cards and currencies

Payment Services accepts the currencies of the countries in which it is available. See Currency configuration for more information.

To see which currencies PayPal supports, see Supported currencies documentation.

To see which payment methods PayPal supports, see their Payment methods documentation.

Get started

Onboarding and setting up Payment Services is completed in just a few steps:

  1. Get the Payment Services extension.
  2. Connect your Commerce instance to Commerce Services.
  3. Onboard and set up the sandbox service.
  4. Enable Payment Services as your payment method and start processing test payments.
  5. Complete merchant onboarding to enable live payments for your websites.
  6. Activate Payment Services in live mode to begin processing live payments.

To get the full instructions and start the onboarding process, see Onboard Payment Services.

Payment Services demo

Watch this video to learn about Payment Services: