Search Merchandising Workspace

The Search Merchandising workspace lists the current selection of rules and their status, and provides access to tools you need to create and manage rules. From the workspace you can:

  • Search for rules
  • View rule details
  • Activate/deactivate rules
  • Delete rules
  • Access the rule editor

Search Merchandising Workspace

Set the scope

If your Adobe Commerce installation includes multiple store views, set Scope to the store view where your rules apply.

Show/hide columns

  1. In the upper-right corner, click Show/hide Column selector columns.
    The visible columns have a blue check mark in the options menu. The rule name is the only column that cannot be hidden.

  2. In the menu, do either of the following:

    • To show a hidden column, click any column name without a check mark.
    • To hide a visible column, click any column name with a check mark.

Filter rules by status

  1. If your store has many rules, you can filter the rules by status to shorten the list. By default, the Rules list displays all rules.

  2. To list only rules with a specific status setting, set Status to one of the following:

    • All
    • Active
    • Inactive
    • Scheduled

Find search rules by name

Begin typing the name of the rule, or any word in the rule name.
Search finds the matching rule(s) as you type. The string of matching characters are highlighted in the name of each rule found.

Rules - find by name

View details

The details panel shows the rule name, status, conditions and events, start and end date, description, and date last edited. Rules can be enabled, edited, and deleted from the details panel.

  1. On the Search Merchandising workspace, find the rule in the grid that you want to view and click More (…).

  2. Click View details.
    You can do any of the following from the View details panel:

    • Edit Rule
    • Delete Rule
    • Enable/Disable Rule
  3. To close the View details panel, click Close (X) in the upper-right corner.

    Rule - details

Column descriptions

The name of the rule.
Last Updated
The date that the rule was last updated.
Start date
The start date of a scheduled rule.
End date
The end date of a scheduled rule.
The color-coded status indicates the current state of the rule. Use the Status control above the grid to filter rules by status. Values:
All status - Displays all rules regardless of status.
Active (blue) - Displays only active rules.
Scheduled (Orange) - displays only scheduled rules.
Inactive (gray) - displays only inactive rules.


Add rule
Opens the rule editor.
Filters the list of rules by status. Options: All, Active, Inactive, Scheduled
Column selector
Specifies the columns that visible in the grid. Options: Last updated, Start date, End date, Status
Searches for a rule by full name or partial match.
More selector
Displays a menu of more actions that can be applied to the selected rule. Options: Edit, View details, Delete

Rule details

The current status of the rule.
The search query that describes the conditions associated with the rule.
Start Date
The date the rule goes into effect, if scheduled.
End Date
The date the rule expires, if scheduled.
A brief description of the rule.
Last updated
The date and time the rule was last updated.
A control that changes the status of the rule. Options: Enabled / Disabled