Email stating that exports storage is almost full

This article provides a solution for the issue where you receive an email stating that the exports storage is almost full.

Affected products and versions

Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure (all versions)


You receive an email with the following content but are unable to locate the exports folder:

Our monitoring has detected that the ‘exports’ storage on your cluster XXX is around ‘85%’ full.
If needed, please review the usage, do a clean up, or request for an upsize.
Also, note that we will attempt an upsize automatically when storage reaches the critical-threshold level.


The email is referring to the exports storage, which is the amount of disk allocated to the files/media, and not a specific folder named exports.


You should review the files usage in the environment. Run this command to obtain the existing usage:

df -h |grep data

The typical locations where the files storage is likely to be filled up are the pub/media/catalog/product/cache or var/log folders. To determine the disk space used by the files, run this command with the appropriate path /path/to/folder:

du -shc /path/to/folder

If the media disk usage constitutes a large proportion of the total disk space, you may want to consider enabling Fastly Deep Image Optimization, and then delete the files in the pub/media/catalog/product/cache folder on the server manually.

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