Orders not displayed in the Orders grid in the Admin

This article provides a patch for the known Adobe Commerce 2.2.1 issue related to the orders not being displayed in the Orders grid in the Commerce Admin.


In the Adobe Commerce 2.2.1 with B2B extension installed, orders created on the storefront by a registered customer are not displayed in the list of orders in the customer’s account in the Commerce Admin. In the debug log (./var/log/debug.log), the following error is logged:

report.CRITICAL: You cannot define a correlation name ‘company_order’ more than once


Your store catalog contains products, not Adobe Commerce sample data, and the B2B extension is installed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Navigate to the store front and create a customer account.
  2. Add a product to the shopping cart, complete checkout and submit an order.
  3. Log in to the Admin.
  4. Navigate to Customers, then choose All Customers.
  5. For the newly created customer click Edit.
  6. Click Orders in the panel on the left.

Expected result:

The recently submitted order is listed in the grid.

Actual result:

The Orders grid does not display. A blank page displays instead.


The patch is attached to this article. To download it, scroll down to the end of the article and click the file name, or click the following link:

Download MDVA-7868_EE_2.2.1_v1_composer.patch

Compatible Adobe Commerce versions:

The patch was created for:

  • Adobe Commerce on-premises 2.2.1

The patch is also compatible (but might not solve the issue) with the following Adobe Commerce versions and editions:

  • Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure from 2.2.0 to 2.2.3
  • Adobe Commerce on-premises 2.2.0, and 2.2.2 to 2.2.3

How to apply the patch

See How to apply a composer patch provided by Adobe Commerce in our support knowledge base, for instructions.

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