Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.0.15 overview

This sub-section provides a detailed description of the issues fixed by the patches available in Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.0.15.

QPT v1.0.15 includes the following patches:

  1. MDVA-27664: Fixes the issue in the customer registration form causing an error to display: ERROR - The Date of Birth should not be greater than today.
  2. MDVA-32759: Fixes the issue where shared catalogs are deleting existing tier pricing.
  3. MDVA-33393: Fixes the error Provided countryId does not exist.
  4. MDVA-33482: Fixes the issue where generating a credit memo against a partial invoice results in tax for the total order instead of tax for that partial invoice.
  5. MDVA-33559: Fixes the issue of PayPal Payflow Pro payment failing with redirect parameter list format error.
  6. MDVA-33632: Provides a fix where the exception message This product is out of stock is now displayed to an admin user when trying to re-order an out-of-stock product.
  7. MDVA-33894: Fixes multiple issues for Quick Order functionality including adding and removing multiple products and SKU case sensitivity.
  8. MDVA-33970: Fixes the issue where there is a wrong currency sign in the credit memo when the price attribute’s scope is set to website.
  9. MDVA-33976: Fixes the issue where the bundled product is shown Out Of Stock on the storefront after removing the second option from the bundled product.
  10. MDVA-33992: Fixes the issue of B2B special pricing displaying incorrectly during checkout.
  11. MDVA-34023: Fixes the issue where the error No such entity with addressId displays randomly on visitors’ browsers.
  12. MDVA-34469: Fixes the issue where GraphQL mutations on a customer’s cart fail when using multiple store views.

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