Health notifications

Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure monitors disk space usage on all applications and services in your Starter environment or your Pro integration environment. A database disk that runs out of space could cause data corruption. The health status check occurs every 5 minutes and can notify you by email or other external service. There are three low-disk warnings for health notifications:

  • Warning—available disk space drops below 20%
  • Critical—available disk space drops below 10%
  • All-clear—available disk space returns above 20%, after a low-disk event
On Pro Production environments, you can use the Managed alerts for Adobe Commerce alert policy for New Relic to monitor disk space. See Monitor performance with Managed Alerts.

Email notifications

The health email integration requires an origination address and at least one recipient address. You can use the same email address for the from-address and the recipients address. The following example registers a health email integration with two recipients:

magento-cloud integration:add --type --from-address --recipients --recipients

Slack channel notifications

Slack is an external service that uses interactive apps called bots to post messages in a chat room. Before you can receive health notifications in Slack, you must create a custom bot user for your Slack group. After you configure the bot user for your channel, or channels, save the bot token provided by Slack to register your integration. The following example registers health notifications in a Slack channel:

magento-cloud integration:add --type health.slack --token SLACK_BOT_TOKEN --channel '#slack-channel-name'

PagerDuty notifications

PagerDuty is an external service that can notify on-call team members of important issues. Before you can receive health notifications in PagerDuty, you must create a PagerDuty integration that uses the Events API version 2. Use the integration Key, or routing key, to register your integration. The following example registers notifications for PagerDuty using a routing key:

magento-cloud integration:add --type health.pagerduty --routing-key PAGERDUTY_ROUTING_KEY