Amazon order details

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View Amazon order details

  1. Click View Store on the store card.

  2. In the Recent Orders section, click an order number.

    The Amazon Order Details page opens.

If you have order import enabled in your Order Settings and the order is fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), you may see dummy data for some fields in the order details. Amazon does not send the following data for FBA orders.
  • AddressType
  • AddressLine1
  • AddressLine2
  • AddressLine3
  • BuyerName
  • Phone
  • PurchaseOrderNumber
  • RecipientName
  • CustomizedURL
  • GiftMessageText

Order and Shipping Details tab

The Order and Shipping Details tab shows detailed order information, as received from Amazon.

Amazon accepts non-standard address information that cannot be imported into Amazon sales channel, thus preventing the state/country codes from updating correctly for some orders. To correct address errors, the following fields are editable in the order details:
  • Shipping address 1
  • Shipping address 2
  • Shipping address 3
  • Shipping city
  • Shipping region
  • Shipping postal code
  • Shipping country
Do not forget to click Save Order after making edits.

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Order Items tab

The Order Items tab shows all items associated with the Amazon order, as received from Amazon.

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Tracking tab

The Tracking tab shows tracking information associated with the Amazon order.

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