Store credit in the customer account dashboard

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The Store Credit page of the customer account dashboard lists amounts from returns and refunds that can be applied to future purchases. Customers can also redeem the value from a gift card.

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Apply store credit during checkout

  1. Customer determines the amount of available store credit.

    During the Review & Payments step, the available amount appears under Store Credit.

  2. To apply the amount to the order, the customer clicks Use Store Credit.

    Use store credit at checkout {width="600" modal="regular"}

  3. The order total is recalculated and the amount of store credit that is applied appears in the Order Summary.

    Order summary with store credit applied {width="600" modal="regular"}

  4. When ready, clicks Place Order.

View store credit balance and history

There are two methods for viewing credit balance and history:

Method 1: From the customer account dashboard

  1. From the storefront, the customer logs in to account.

  2. Chooses Store Credit in the left panel.

Method 2: From the Review & Payments page

  1. The customer adds a product to the cart.

  2. Proceeds to the checkout page.

  3. Passes the Shipping step.

  4. If store credit is available, the customer clicks Use Store Credit.

  5. If the customer changes their mind about using the store credit, clicks Remove in the Order Summary section.