Creating a privacy request creating-a-privacy-request

The Privacy Core Service Integration is the method you should use for all access and delete requests.

Privacy requests are created using a POST request.

Before creating requests, you need to define the namespace you will use. For more on this, refer the Privacy management documentation.

The payload must contain the following parameters:

  • name: a unique internal name
  • namespace: the namespace name configured in Campaign Standard interface
  • reconciliationValue: the reconciliation value based on the reconciliation key defined in the namespace
  • label: the request label
  • type: the request type. Accepted values are “access” or “delete”.
  • regulation: the regulation type. Example: “GDPR”, “CCPA”. This parameter is mandatory, and available starting Campaign Standard 19.4 release. If you are on an older build, you do not need to add it to your payload.

Sample request

This POST request creates a privacy request based on a email reconciliation key defined in the namespace AMCDS2:

-X POST<ORGANIZATION>/campaign/privacy/privacyTool \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>' \
-H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \
-H 'X-Api-Key: <API_KEY>' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8'

"namespaceName": "AMCDS2",
"reconciliationValue": "",
"regulation": "gdpr",
"label":"Delete customers",

Response to the POST request.

    "PKey": "<PKEY>",
    "audit": "",
    "created": "2018-03-21 10:41:58.570Z",
    "desc": "",
    "gdprRequestData": {
        "href": "<ORGANIZATION>/campaign/head/privacyTool/<PKEY>/gdprRequestData/"
    "href": "<ORGANIZATION>/campaign/privacy/privacyTool/<PKEY>",
    "label": "Delete customers",
    "lastModified": "2018-03-21 10:41:58.570Z",
    "name": "PT11832",
    "namespace": {
        "PKey": "<PKEY>",
        "title": "Doc (AMCDS2)"
    "namespaceName": "AMCDS2",
    "reconciliationValue": "",
    "regulation": "gdpr",
    "retryCount": 0,
    "status": "new",
    "title": "Delete customers (PT11832)",
    "type": "delete"