Setting up API access setting-up-api-access

Adobe Campaign Standard API access is set up through the steps below. Each of these steps is detailed in the Adobe Developer documentation.

To manage certificates in Adobe Developer, make sure you have System administrator rights on the organization or a developer account in the Admin Console.
  1. Check you have a digital certificate, or create one if necessary. The public and private keys provided with the certificate are needed in the following steps.

  2. Create a new integration to Adobe Campaign Service in Adobe Developer and configure it. Your credentials will then be generated (API Key, Client secret…).

  3. Create a JSON Web Token (JWT) from the credentials previously generated and sign it with your private key. The JWT encodes all of the identity and security information that is needed by Adobe to verify your identity and grant you access to the API.

    note important
    JWT (JSON Web Tokens) is currently in the process of depreciation and is being replaced with OAuth. The transition is being carried out progressively within Campaign’s upcoming releases. The Service Account (JWT) credentials have been marked as deprecated, they will continue to work until Jan 27, 2025. Therefore you must migrate your application or integration to use the new OAuth Server-to-Server credential before Jan 27, 2025. OAuth authentication is preferred. You will find all the elements to migrate from JWT authentication to OAuth authentication on these pages:
  4. Exchange your JWT for an Access Token through a POST request. This Access Token will have to be used in each header of your API requests.

To establish a secure service-to-service Adobe I/O API session, every request to an Adobe service must include in the Authorization header the information below.

-X GET<ORGANIZATION>/campaign/profileAndServices/profile \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>' \
-H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \
-H 'X-Api-Key: <API_KEY>'
  • <ORGANIZATION>: This is your personal ORGANIZATION ID, one ORGANIZATION ID is provided by Adobe for each of your instances :

    • <ORGANIZATION> : your production instance,
    • <ORGANIZATION-mkt-stage>: your stage instance.

    To obtain your ORGANIZATION ID value, refer to your administrator or your Adobe technical contact. You can also retrieve it into Adobe I/O when creating a new integration, in the licenses list (see the Adobe Developer documentation).

  • <ACCESS_TOKEN>: Your personal access token, that was retrieved when exchanging your JSON Web Token through a POST request.

  • <API_KEY>: your personal API Key. It is provided in Adobe I/O after creating a new integration to Adobe Campaign Service.

    alt text


During AdobeIO integration, if the following error appears:

"code": 502,
"message": "Oops. Something went wrong. Check your URI and try again."

Refer to your administrator or your Adobe technical contact to check if the CNAME parameter is created correctly.