Integrated customer profile integrated-customer-profile

An integrated customer profile is available for each contact of your database. This marketing history combines all relevant marketing information concerning contact with a client into one single view. You can then access all digital behaviors, online and offline transactions in a central location: contact information, emails received, tracking logs, subscriptions and unsubscriptions, etc.

To access the integrated customer profile, steps are as follows:

  1. From the Adobe Campaign home page, click the Customer profiles card or the Profiles tab to display the profiles list.

  2. To search a profile based on a specific field, open the search pane, then select the field on which you want to perform your search.

  3. Specify the value that you want to search, then press Enter.

    note note
    Note that searches can be performed based on the email, first name and last name fields as well as custom fields that have been added when extending the resource.
    Searches are case-sensitive and performed on prefixes only. For example, you will not be able to look up for a profile using their last name’s last letters.
  4. Select a contact to open its profile.

You can then access the Marketing history of this contact.

Key information about the profile is gathered in this page, as well as the list of events.

Click an event in the list to open it: you can access the messages which have been sent or the services which the profile has subscribed to.

Marketing history is also accessible using the Adobe Campaign Standard API. For more on this, refer to the dedicated documentation .