Active profiles active-profiles

You can access the active profiles details from the Customer metrics report. This report is available to Campaign functional administrators only. To access this report, click the Adobe Campaign icon on the top left of the user interface, and browse to Administration > Customer metrics.

This report is generated every month by the Billing technical workflow and displays the number of active profiles. Learn more about technical workflows in this page.

A “Profile” is a record of information representing an end-customer, prospect, or lead. Profiles are considered active if they have been targeted by a Campaign delivery within the past 12 months via any channel.

According to your contract, each of your Campaign instances is provisioned with a specific number of active profiles. Please refer to your licence agreement for reference on number of purchased active profiles.

  • The profiles that were excluded during delivery preparation (by typology rules or quarantine mechanism for example) are not taken into account.

  • Transactional Messages recipients are counted towards Active Profiles.

  • A profile that has been targeted by several deliveries will only be counted once.

  • This report is only informative, it doesn’t have a direct impact on billing.

At the bottom of the page, the targeting dimensions are listed with the number of profiles for each. Recipients of Transactional messages are associated to the Anonymous dimension.

As an Admin user, you can also monitor the number of active profiles used on your instances directly from the Control Panel. For more on this, refer to the Control Panel documentation.