Start and end start-and-end

Description description

The Start and End activities allow you to clearly mark where your workflow starts and ends.

Context of use context-of-use

Executing a workflow starts with activities without an inbound transition, and stops when there are no longer any tasks in progress. Nevertheless, you can add Start and End activities to clearly mark the starting and ending points of a workflow. This is especially helpful for relatively complex workflows.

It is a best practice to use an End activity instead of leaving the last transition of a workflow on its own to ensure that the workflow properly ends.

Configuration configuration

  1. Drag and drop a Start or End activity into your workflow.
  2. Put the Start activity in front of other activities such as queries, and the End activity after a series of activities.
  3. Select the activity, then open it using the button from the quick actions that appear.
  4. You can configure the End object so that it interrupts all of the workflow’s ongoing tasks, including those that have not finished. To do this, select the corresponding option.
  5. Confirm the configuration of your activity and save your workflow.

Triggering another workflow triggering-another-workflow

Using the External signal tab of an End activity, you can trigger another workflow. Refer to the External signal section.

Example example

The following example shows how a complex workflow is executed with a Start activity and several End activities. The Stop all tasks in progress box has been checked for the first End activity. Once the corresponding task is finished, the entire workflow will be stopped: it will have the same effect as if the button had been selected (refer to the Action bar section).