Defining the parameters when calling the workflow defining-the-parameters-when-calling-the-workflow

This section details how to define parameters when calling a workflow. For more on how to perform this operation from an API call, refer to the REST APIs documentation.

Before defining the parameters, make sure that:

  • The parameters have been declared in the External Signal activity. See this page.
  • The workflow containing the signal activity is running.

To configure the End activity, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the End activity, then select the External signal tab.

  2. Select the workflow and the external signal activity that you want to call.

  3. Click the Create element button to add a parameter, then fill in its name and value.

    • Name: the name that has been declared in the External signal activity (see this page).
    • Value: the value that you want to assign to the parameter. The value should follow the Standard syntax, described in this section.

    note caution
    Make sure that all the parameters have been declared in the External signal activity. Otherwise, an error will occur when running the activity.
  4. Once the parameters have been defined, confirm the activity, then save your workflow.