Configuring the Campaign-Experience Manager integration configuration-aem

This integration between Adobe Campaign Standard and Adobe Experience Manager allows you to use content created in Adobe Experience Manager in your Adobe Campaign emails.

With this use case you will learn how to create and manage email contents in Adobe Experience Manager, then use them for your marketing campaigns by importing them in your emails into Adobe Campaign Standard.

Prerequisites prerequisites

You should make sure you have the following elements beforehand:

  • An Adobe Experience Manager authoring instance
  • An Adobe Experience Manager publishing instance
  • An Adobe Campaign instance

Configuration in Adobe Campaign Standard config-acs

To use these two solutions together, you must configure them to connect to one another.
To configure Adobe Campaign:

  1. You first need to configure the Adobe Experience Manager instance external account under Administration > Application settings > External accounts menu.

  2. Configure the Adobe Experience Manager type external account with your Server URL, Account and Password.

  3. Check that the AEMResourceTypeFilter option has been correctly configured. Access the Options menu under Administration > Application settings > Options menu.

  4. In the Value (text) field, check that the following syntax is correct:

    code language-none

  5. Then, in the advanced menu under Resources > Templates > Delivery templates, duplicate one of the existing templates to create an email template specific to Adobe Experience Manager.

  6. Click the Edit properties icon.

  7. Under the Content drop-down, select Adobe Experience Manager in the Content source field then your previously created external account in the Adobe Experience Manager account.

You now need to configure the integration in Adobe Experience Manager.

Configuration in Adobe Experience Manager config-aem

To configure Adobe Experience Manager with Adobe Campaign Standard, you must follow these steps:

  1. You first need to configure the replication between the Adobe Experience Manager authoring and publishing instances. Refer to this section.

  2. Then, connect Adobe Experience Manager to Adobe Campaign by configuring a dedicated Cloud Service. Refer to this section.

  3. You now need to configure the externalizer in Adobe Experience Manager on your author instance. Refer to this section.