Creating or extending the resource creating-or-extending-the-resource

Administrators can create a new resource from scratch or create an extension of an existing resource if you need work on data that are not part of the built-in data model.

Only the following built-in resources can be extended:

  • Campaign (campaign)
  • Deliveries (delivery)
  • Landing page (Landingpage)
  • Profiles (profile)
  • Program (program)
  • Service (service)
  • Subscriptions to an application (appSubscriptionRcp)
  • Test profiles (seedMember)
  • Workflow (workflow)

To create or extend a resource:

  1. From Administration > Development > Custom Resources, click the Create button.

  2. Choose the action you want to perform:

    • Create a new resource: Enter the Label and ID fields. The ID field is mandatory. If you leave the Label field empty, it will automatically be completed from the ID.

      note note
      Use 30 characters maximum.
    • Extend an existing resource: Select the resource you want to extend.

  3. Click Create to create the resource, which will then take on the Draft status in case of new resource or the Editing status in case of extension.

The new resource is created and can now be configured. For more on resource configuration, refer to Configuring the resource’s data structure.