Resource statuses resource-statuses

Depending on to their publication or activation status, resources can have different statuses.

There are two columns dedicated to displaying these statuses in the Custom resources screen.

Publication statuses

  • Draft: the resource has just been created or re-drafted. To create the database tables as well as the corresponding APIs, the resource must be republished. If a resource is being re-drafted, it automatically becomes inactive after the publication step.

  • Pending re-draft: the resource was re-drafted. The re-draft process will occur during the next publication. Re-drafting is irreversible. Several warning messages are displayed to inform the user, both when re-drafting and preparing to publish.

    For more on re-drafting, see Deleting a resource.

    note note
    The Cancel re-draft option is available when the resource that you want to re-draft still contains links through other resources with the “Published” status. This option allows you to revert the “re-draft” process. The custom resources will then go back to their original statuses.
  • Published: the resource has been published. If the resource is modified after the last modified date, then a message is displayed to invite you to republish the resource in order to take into account the latest modifications.

The Do not publish latest modifications field prevents modifications from being taken into account during future publications.

This field can be configured in the custom resource definition.