Accessing messages accessing-messages

You can access a set of advanced functionalities, from targeting, creating and personalizing messages, executing communications, to associated operational reports.

Messages can be accessed:

  • within a campaign
  • from the Adobe Campaign home page
  • from the list of marketing activities

Accessing messages in campaigns accessing-messages-in-campaigns

To access the list of a campaign’s marketing activities:

  1. Go to Marketing activities from the top navigation bar.

  2. Select Marketing activities > Marketing plans > Programs & Campaigns.

    You can also directly click the Programs & Campaigns card from the home page. For more information on campaigns, refer to the Programs and campaigns section.

  3. Select a program, then a campaign.

  4. Click the Summary drop-down list.

  5. Click Search to filter the way messages are displayed (by name, date, or status).

    To filter recurring messages, you can check the corresponding box.

Accessing the message list accessing-the-message-list

To access the full list of marketing activities from all the campaigns combined:

  1. Select Marketing activities from the upper navigation bar.

    You can also access it from the Marketing activities card on the home page. For more information on the list of marketing activities, refer to the Managing marketing activities section.

  2. To filter the marketing activities (by name, date, status or activity type), use the Search fields to the left of the list of marketing activities.

Message life cycle message-life-cycle

A message’s status is represented by a specific color in the lists. The possible statuses are:

  • Editing (gray): the message is being edited.

  • In progress (blue): the message is being sent.

  • Finished (green): sending has finished without any errors.

  • Erroneous (red): sending was canceled or an error has occurred while the message was being prepared or sent.

    note note
    A yellow notification banner may appear above the card when an action is required, for example when you have to confirm sending a message.