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Adobe Campaign allows you to define and manage the permissions assigned to different users. Permissions are a set of rights and restrictions that authorize or deny access to certain functionalities or objects in the interface. These permissions are based on two concepts:

  • Organizational units: These allow you to define a hierarchy of permissions on the different objects of the platform (emails, workflows, templates, users, profiles, etc.). Refer to the Organizational units section.

  • Roles: A set of unitary rights that allow you to define the authorizations assigned to users and user groups. Refer to the List of roles section.

    Combined with organizational units, roles give users a filtered view of the interface and define their access to the different features. For more on this, refer to the Authorizations table.

Note that the geographical unit capability has been deprecated. For more on this, refer to this page.

Roles, groups, and organizational units can be managed by the functional administrator of the platform, under the Administration > Users & Security menu.

User Management menu

Users are managed in the Admin Console. Learn more in the Managing groups and users section and in the Admin Console documentation.

Access Product Profiles

Only users with administration rights have access to user management.

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