Create an audience using the Unified Segment Builder

This capability is in beta, and subject to frequent updates and modifications without notice. Audience Destinations is based on Adobe Experience Platform and requires a specific configuration.
Please reach out to Adobe Customer Support if you plan to implement this capability.

Adobe Campaign Standard allows you to build audiences using data from the Adobe Experience Cloud Real-Time Customer Profile by using the Adobe Experience Platform Unified Segment Builder.

You can access the Unified Segment Builder directly within Adobe Campaign Standard via the Audiences module. It allows you to manage these audiences directly in the Audiences list view, where you can edit or create an Adobe Experience Platform audience directly from the Adobe Campaign interface

The video below explains how a new audience is created using Unified Segment Builder within Adobe Campaign Standard.

In this video, I’m going to walk you through how you can build a segment using the unified segment builder for the Adobe Experience Platform, directly in Campaign. You can access this feature either by clicking on the Audiences card or clicking on the Audiences tab.
You’ll now be directed to the page where you’re asked to select the segment builder environment. If you click on the Adobe Campaign Standard option you’ll be guided through the familiar user flow found within the Campaign Audiences module.
However, if I go back to the Audiences tab and click on the Adobe Experience Platform option, I’m now directed to the Adobe Experience Platform segment page where I can now view all of the Adobe Experience Platform audiences available to me at my disposal for a campaign delivery. I can click on an existing segment to view and edit the segment properties.
Or I can build a new segment from scratch by clicking on the New audience button.
For this audience, I’m simply only going to target everyone who has an email in my database. Once you’re satisfied with your segment definition, go ahead and name it and click Create segment. So that now you can have it available for our campaign delivery. For more information on how to use the unified segment builder, please refer to the additional links in the resource section, thank you. -

How to create an audience in Adobe Campaign Standard using the Unified Segment Builder (min 02:47)