Delivery control delivery-control

A Delivery control-type action lets you start, pause, or stop a delivery.

This can be the delivery specified in the transition, a delivery selected explicitly, or a delivery calculated by a script. For more on this, refer to Delivery.

If you select Start, the activity will perform all the steps required to start the delivery (target calculation, content preparation, delivery). If some of these steps have already been performed by a previous workflow activity they won’t be performed again. For instance, if the target estimation was already performed by a Delivery type activity (refer to Delivery), the Act on the delivery activity will launch the remaining steps (content preparation and delivery).

The following options are available:

  • Generate an outbound transition

    Creates an outbound transition that will be activated at the end of execution. You can choose whether or not to retrieve the target of the outbound delivery.

  • Processing errors

    Refer to Processing errors.

Input parameters input-parameters

  • deliveryId

Delivery identifier, if the selected action is Specified in the transition.