Data analysis and intelligence blueprint

Data analysis and intelligence comprises the ability within Experience Platform to perform exploratory query and analysis of the data that exists in the data lake.

Experience Platform’s Query Service allows SQL queries to be performed on the data.

Experience Platform allows connections with third-party SQL clients, interfaces, and Business Intelligence (BI) tools to directly connect to, access and query the data within Experience Platform, using the PostgreSQL protocol.

Use cases

  • Interactive query and aggregation of data
  • Row and column access to ingested data for exploration and validation
  • Dashboarding and visualization of data via Business Intelligence tooling

Additional common use cases for the query service are outlined here Query Service Use Cases


  • Adobe Experience Platform


Reference architecture for the Enterprise Data Exploration and Reporting Blueprint


Refer to the Query Service Product Documentation for details on best practices and guardrails.
Query Service Guidance

Implementation steps

  1. Create schemas for data to be ingested.
  2. Create datasets for data to be ingested.
  3. Ingest data into Experience Platform.
  4. Confirm that data is available to Query Service.
  5. Connect Business Intelligence tools and SQL clients to Query Service for visualization, data query, and exploration.