Customer Activity Hub blueprint

Customer Activity Hub blueprint shows how external applications can access Adobe Experience Platform’s Real-time Customer Profile.

External applications can access profiles with an API GET request. Attributes, events, segment memberships, and model-driven features stored in the profile can then be used in these external, non-Adobe applications.

With this capability, you could surface rich context when a customer calls your call center. Support agents could have visibility into the customer’s lifetime value, propensity to churn or exposure to marketing campaigns, for example. Sales agents can also benefit from more context or insight into their customer.

The current latency supported by the profile lookup API is approximately 500 milliseconds, making this approach unsuitable for integration of the profile with real-time decision engines such as same-page web or mobile personalization.

Use cases

  • Provide deeper consumer context to agent-supported interactions, such as support and sales experiences. Using the profile lookup into Experience Platform, agents can receive more context on the consumer, such as recent purchases, campaign interactions, propensities, audience memberships, and other attributes and insights that are stored in the real-time customer profile.


Reference Architecture for the Customer Activity Hub Blueprint


Implementation steps

  1. Create schemas for data to be ingested.
  2. Create datasets for data to be ingested.
  3. Configure the correct identities and identity namespaces on the schema to be sure that ingested data can stitch into a unified profile.
  4. Enable the schemas and datasets for profile.
  5. Ingest data into Experience Platform.
  6. Set up merge policies.
  7. Use the Entities API to look up a profile attribute, either from the record entity or the experience event entity.