Bulk Data Insertion API

Bulk Data Insertion solves several use cases, such as:

  • Ingesting historical data from a previous analytics system

  • An internal analytics collection system that makes it unfeasible to use AppMeasurement. You can use Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes to put data into batch files then use BDIA to upload them to Adobe Analytics.

  • Data collection from devices that have only intermittent connectivity to the internet. These devices store up the interactions until they receive a connection. The device can then upload the data all at once via BDIA.

Data Insertion API and Bulk Data Insertion APIare both methods to submit server-side collection data to Adobe Analytics. Data Insertion API calls are made one event at a time. Bulk Data Insertion API accepts CSV formatted files containing event data, one event per row. If you are working on a new implementation of server-side collection, we recommend using Bulk Data Insertion API.