Create Analytics custom metrics with Advertising Cloud data

Learn about useful custom metrics to create when using Advertising Cloud data in Adobe Analytics.

Hey everybody, this is Sean. In today’s video we will be discussing how to create Adobe Analytics custom metrics with your Advertising Cloud data.
So some learning objectives today. We will be going over the custom metric builder within Adobe Analytics. We will look at what Advertising Cloud metrics are available and then we will give a couple examples, what metrics to build. So the Adobe Analytics Custom Metric Builder allows us to customize our reports to be more tailored to our reporting needs. So with Adobe Analytics Custom Metric Builder we have the option to build, really as many custom metrics as you need to make sure that when we create our reports or our analyses, we have what we need to do so. This is important because not all metrics come standard with the integration. So we want to be able to make perhaps a CPM metric. We can do that by using the custom metric builder within Adobe Analytics.
So what are some benefits for that? We are able to customize our reporting and analyses, we can take advantage of the easy-to-use Analytics Custom Metric Builder, and then we can discover new ways to show the impact the Ad Cloud is having.
So to jump into Adobe Analytics and see how it looks.
So this is going to be really quick. Basically what I want to do right now is just show you, within Analysis Workspace, how easy it is to create these metrics. So if I needed to create a new metric, say for example that CPM metric, what I can do is I can just click on this plus sign next to the metrics, create the metrics, that will open up my custom metric builder. I can call it Adobe CPM.
I can bring in my cost and I can bring in my impressions.
Bring in my impressions, but what I want to do is I want to add a container. So I want to contain this. This way I can stick this in here and I can add in a static number and I can say multiply this by 1,000.
I can again edit my formatting and now I have a CPM metric.
Let’s do that one more time with a ROAS, so I’m going to go back into my metrics builder, I’m going to take my revenue, I’m going to take my spend, and we’ll just divide it. So there’s really no limit to this. Whatever you need to customize your report, you can utilize the custom metric builder to do so. So now I can use the ROAS, I can use my CPM and I can start to look at the trends, day over day. So maybe now if I want to visualize my CPMs, I can visualize this with a line graph.
And I can see how my CPMs are trending over that day.
Summaries of what we did, really quick video. Wanted to just give you guys a baseline for how to create these custom metrics. And like I said, there’s really no limit to this. So whatever you need to utilize to make sure that what you’re reports are telling key stakeholders is important and useful. So get in there, start creating some metrics and I’ll see you guys again soon. -