Churn Analysis with Cohort Tables churn-analysis-with-cohort-tables

Cohort Tables offer two analysis types - Retention and Churn. While Retention shows how many users are retained over time, the Churn option will depict how many users were lost (1 - Retention).

In this video, we’re going to go over the Churn feature available in the Cohort Table. So let’s pretend for today’s video that I’m a large insurance company and we want to ensure our marketing channels are driving consistent engagement to our site as we continually release new offers and features using several Cohort Table features. I can do some great analysis to help me uncover my user behavior, and if they’re engaging, how I’d like them to. I’m going to build a quick cohort pairing my repeat visitors, and I want to see which marketing channel is performing best at keeping my users coming back. So I’m going to use the Custom dimension cohort to quickly drill in and identify which marketing channel is performing best at driving repeat visitors by comparing the channels side-by-side. So when that builds, I can look and see the majority of my visitors are coming from our social media channels. However, taking a quick look at our table, it does look like some of our other channels are showing stronger retention numbers over the 6-month period we’ve defined. I can come in and create a segment of these social media channel users and do some deeper analysis. I’m going to come back and turn off the Custom dimension cohort, and I’m going to drag over my Social Media segment here. And if I build another table, I can quickly see the type of behavior for each of my cohorts here visiting from my social media channels. It does look like my initial traffic is a bit lower than expected, and then also falls off a bit through the following months.
Now, the Churn feature we have here is a great way to really visualize and understand how good or bad my retention is performing and if users are falling out. So if I change to the Churn feature now, I’ve got this really great red-centric table that tells me I’m using Churn. And I can see again, I have some activity in the first month, but then over time, users are starting to churn and not come back to my site through social media channels. So this is an indication for us that while we have good initial engagement through our social media channels, we possibly need to go back and take a look at our strategy to see if there are ways we can increase repeat engagement month over month like we’d want to see. And so Churn is a great way to visualize and understand that type of behavior. I hope the churn feature in the cohort table will help you uncover great insights to target your users and improve their experiences.

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