FTP access to reports

You can optionally receive reports at a read-only FTP location, from which you can retrieve the files for additional automated processes (for example, to parse the data with another program). All basic reports except for Search Engine Account Report and all advanced reports can be delivered to an FTP location as zipped TSV files (the default) or CSV files, with a .ZIP file extension. Any TSV or CSV file headers are included and can’t be suppressed.

FTP access to reports requires access to a specified FTP account, and you must set up report templates using a specific naming convention and a schedule.

Set up an FTP account for access to reports

  • Contact your Adobe Account Team to set up an FTP account for report access.

    The team provides you with your username and password.

Set up report templates for FTP delivery

To generate reports in your designated FTP directory, create a report template with the following naming conventions and schedule.

All advanced reports and all basic reports except for the Search Engine Account Report can be delivered to an FTP location.
  1. In the report template, include the following information anywhere in the template name:

    • FTP (in uppercase letters).

    • (Optional) Any of three systems dates, using the following case-sensitive syntax, including brackets:

      • [TODAY] — To include the date, hour, and minute when the report was run. Because this includes the exact time, the same template can be run multiple times a day without overwriting the previous report.

      • [SDATE] — To include the start date of the report date range.

      • [EDATE] — To include the end date of the report date range.

    • (Optional) [CSV] (in uppercase letters and enclosed in brackets) to create files in CSV format rather than the default TSV format.

    Example: [TODAY]-Portfolio-FTP-[SDATE]-[EDATE]-[CSV] would create a file like 202305051656-Portfolio-FTP-20230428-20110504.csv.

  2. Schedule the report to run at a specific time.

    The reports are delivered to the FTP account within an hour after they’re completed.

  • To send completed reports by email, simply enter the addresses of all email recipients when you generate the report or template.
  • Reports are run according to their specified schedules and are delivered to the FTP account within an hour after they’re completed.

Access reports in an FTP repository

To access your reports, connect to one of the following FTP hosts, using the login for your FTP account (amo<userID>rpt, such as amo1234rpt) and either a password or a private connection key if one is set up:

  • International customers: ftp3.adobe.net
  • US customers: ftp5.adobe.net
The reports repository is read-only and is purged every 15 days.