Generate an Advertising Insight

  1. In the main menu, click Search > Insights & Reports > Advertising Insights.

  2. Click the insight that you want to generate.

  3. Specify the insight settings:

    1. (Some reports; optional) Specify the date ranges for the insight.

    2. (Most insights) Select the portfolio to analyze.

      In general, all optimized and active portfolios that contain active campaigns are available. For some insights, you can filter the portfolio list to include Only Optimized Portfolios.

      For Day of Week insights, only portfolios that have enough spend, and that also spent to target in the last two days, are available.

    3. (Event Path Beta insight only) Do the following:

      1. Select the Operation: Extract events (to upload a Channel Assist Report or Campaign Assist Report and classify the user events into distinct groups for analysis) or Analyze classified events (to upload event groups and use them to generate the insight).

      2. Click Select to locate a file in XLSX and ZIP (compressed XLSX) format, and then click Upload.

    4. (Google Account Audit insight only) Do the following:

      1. Enter the Advertiser Name and Account Name.

      2. Select the Account Currency, File Format Region (United States or United Kingdom), and the Output Language (English (USA), French, or German).

      3. Click Select to locate campaign, keyword, and change history reports downloaded for the account from the Google Ads web user interface and a bulksheet file downloaded for the account from the Google Ads Editor application. Then click Upload.

        All files must be in CSV, TSV, TXT, or ZIP (compressed CSV, TSV, or TXT) format.

    5. (Location Target Performance insight only; optional) To aggregate the data daily rather than as a summary, select the Time Aggregation of Daily.

    6. (Normalized Sim (Combined) insight only) Do the following:

      1. In the Step field, specify the number of target spend levels, or steps, to include in the insight. The value can be between three (3) and 100.

      2. In the Type field, select the simulation type:

        • Optimized Multi-portfolio: Generates a single simulation across multiple portfolios with the same objective and currency.

        • Individual Normalized: Generates an individual simulation for each portfolio selected. The portfolios may have different objectives and currencies.

    7. (Portfolio Launch insight only; optional) To specify a launch date in the future, specify a date in the Optional Date field.

    8. (Quality Score insight only) Select the applicable ad network.

    9. (Query Cross Matching insight only) In the Google Accounts menu, select the account.

  4. Click Generate Insight.

    You receive notification when the job is completed or fails based on your configured notification settings for Advertising Insights.