About custom alerts

You can create alert templates to identify when any portfolio, account, campaign, ad group, keyword, ad, or shopping product group meets specific conditions — such as a performance metric — during a specified period and then generate an alert. Alerts are available for a single advertiser. Alerts include all columns in the relevant default view. For example, campaign-level alerts include all columns in the default Campaigns view.

You can create alert templates from either the Alert Templates view or from the campaign management view for the entity type to be evaluated.

When an alert instance is triggered for an alert template:

  • The specified recipients receive an email notice. When the alert contains up to 1000 records, the email notice includes a CSV file with the alert data, including data for all entities that triggered the alert.

  • The alert is listed in the Triggered Alerts view in Search > Insights & Reports > Custom Alerts. A downloadable report is available for ten days after the alert is triggered.

  • The alert is listed in the Notifications center in the applicable entity view, which is available from the right toolbar. Notifications remain in the Notifications center unless you delete them or mark them as read.

Within the Custom Alerts view, the Alert Templates view lists all alert templates created for the account, and you can create, edit, pause, reactivate, and delete alert templates. The Triggered Alerts view lists the generated alert instances.