System requirements

You need the following software and account information.


  • Any of the following browsers:

    • Apple Safari (including Safari for iOS) 10 or above

    • Google Chrome 103 or above

    • Microsoft Edge 104 and above

    • Mozilla Firefox 102 or above; Mozilla Firefox Extended Support Release 91.11 and above

  • (To view exported files in XLS format) Microsoft Excel recommended

    If you use an application other than Microsoft Excel to view exported XLS files, then numbers, dates, times, and currencies may not be in the correct format.

User name and password

To log in, you need a user name and password. Your Adobe Account Team sets up your user account and creates your user name and password.

Computer and browser settings

Browser site settings

To see image previews for some ad/asset types, disable ad blockers/content blockers for the domain by allowing an exception for the site. Manage ad blockers in your browser’s site/website settings or (in Firefox) by editing the settings for any ad blocker browser extensions you’ve installed.

Computer and browser language settings

The following information determines which character sets to use and which formats to use to display numbers, dates, times, and currencies:

  • The regional settings for your computer.

  • The language settings for your browser.

To ensure that you see information in the formats you want, make sure that both your computer and browser use the correct language settings. See the online help for your computer and for your browser for instructions.