Get help

You can open online help from any page within the user interface. If the online help doesn’t answer your questions, contact us.

Open online help

  • To view a description of a term with an adjacent help icon ( Help icon ), hold your cursor over the help icon until you are finished, or click inside the help pop-up to scroll through the content.

    To open links within a help topic, you may need to configure your browser settings to allow pop-ups from the Search, Social, & Commerce site you use (such as for North American users or for all other users).

  • To open full help sets explaining how to use all features, click the following links at the top of any page:

    • Help > Search, Social, & Commerce Help.

    • Help > Search, Social, & Commerce Optimization Guide.

Ask the Adobe Advertising community

Look for answers to your questions in the Adobe Advertising community forums.

Contact Adobe

For Search, Social, & Commerce product or account issues, do either of the following:

  • Contact your Adobe Account Team.

  • In the top menu, click Help > Provide Feedback, enter your message, and then click Send Feedback. |

Provide detailed steps to reproduce the issue, any relevant data, and information about preliminary troubleshooting you’ve performed. If you’re reporting the problem to your Adobe Account Team, also include the browser name and version.

For report issues, don’t delete the report, and provide the report name and URL.