Show and hide a trend chart

You can view a trend chart for the data in the Accounts, Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords-Keywords, Ads, and Product Groups views.

By default, the chart shows the number of clicks versus cost during the selected date range for accounts that use a specified currency. You can optionally change the metrics to compare and — when you have accounts with multiple currencies — change the currency for which to include data.

Trend charts aren’t available when you compare data for two date ranges.
  1. Above the data table, click Charts to show a hidden trend chart or to hide a visible trend chart.

  2. (Optional for visible trend charts) Select a different currency and different metrics to compare:

    1. In the upper right of the chart, specify the metrics to compare and (when applicable) the currency for which to include data.

      When you have accounts with multiple currencies, all currencies for the relevant accounts are listed; changing the currency shows data for only the accounts that use that currency. All standard metrics, advertiser-specific conversion metrics, and custom metrics you’ve derived from existing metrics are listed.

    2. Click Save .

Your changes aren’t saved. You will revert to viewing data for cost versus clicks the next time you open the chart.